Warhorse Studios released today a brand new Kingdom Come Deliverance patch on all formats, introducing some new aspects in addition to plenty of malicious program fixes,

the new facets added by the patch consist of physically simulated ladies’s apparel and 16 new lore books. you could study greater in regards to the patch under.

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Patch 1.5 – June 5thNew aspects:• Henry can now wash agen sbobet away his sins by means of buying indulgences in churches.• physically simulated women’s garb introduced.• We scattered 16 new lore books all over the world.• Any forgotten or despawned quest objects will now be moved to the gravedigger’s chest and the participant might be notified via new quest “lost and located”.

fixed concerns:• Guards not drop halberds. All up to now dropped halberds deleted. This should repair many efficiency and camera twitching considerations.• a couple of bugs that led to abnormal CPU usage fastened. This should still improve efficiency for a lot of players.• Optimized lighting fixtures in battles may still give the player few more FPS.• a few crashes originally of the first two quests fixed.• Any final issues with going through doorways may still be fastened.• sluggish loading of targeted textures after lengthy game sessions fastened.• Archery tournament not factors lack of ability to retailer.• countless fader in archery tournament will now not seem.• Three extra activities now have preliminary map markers.• The online game now autosaves on completion of lots of the quests.• The game now normally autosaves earlier than critical tale events.• several helmet shadows brought. That should repair any unusual shadows of the player.• Many endless faders after dialogues mounted.• NPCs now can swap weapons from melee to ranged faster.• NPCs now reacts to participant aiming at them with a bow and should are trying to get to him sooner, in its place of handiest reacting to being shot at as in the past.• NPCs being aimed at or shot at will no longer strategy the player in a straight line.• A trojan horse that avoided the participant from speaking to Father Godwin in Mysterious ways fastened.• Corrupted autosave initially of “Homecoming” quest fastened.• It is not any longer feasible to stealth-kill NPCs in slender spaces with out taking part in the animation.• Cages in quest “A hen within the Hand…” should still no longer disappear. Any avid gamers with the quest in growth may have the search reset.• master Karel now correctly goes to play cube within the evenings. So the player can engage all his money in “Rocketeer” quest.• Executioner Hermann not continues beating the player unconscious when he is irritated.• Tutorial for axe and mace grasp strikes fastened.• Miller Peshek can no longer get caught in lockpicking tutorial.• It is no longer possible to lockpick Peshek’s tutorial trunk before starting the educational, which was inflicting the academic to fail.• novice Antonius should now not get stuck after saving whereas he investigates the blood.• speaking to Antonius earlier than passing out from poison no longer ends in countless fader.• When the participant is ambushed all through quickly travel he could be placed a lot closer to the enemies.• ingredients of Rattay Rathaus are now safely locked.• Killing crucial NPCs throughout “Sheep in Wolf’s clothing” quest now safely fails the hunt.• Erik now has lower RPG stats and is less complicated to influence. This should make the successtrophy Freud simpler to achieve.• The player can no longer stay away from some crimes via being hooked up on a horse.• Knocking out Margaret right through “Sheep in Wolf’s clothing” can now not spoil the hunt.• Killing the scouts near the mines earlier than “The King’s Silver” quest not causes endless fader in that quest.• Loading the autosave from “The King’s Silver” quest will not skip one of the cutscenes in that quest.• remaining skirmish in “Robber Baron” quest now not fails to begin.• The participant now not has the option to fix the leg of 1 of the wounded if the wounded NPC is lifeless, which trigger the video game to freeze.• It is not any longer possible to drop off the horse in “Run!” quest when the player skips the cutscene.• Encouraging Procopius to have his enamel pulled now works even when the player has “Rocketeer” quest began.• purpose now accurately fails and offers more suggestions in journal in “The apartment of God” quest when the player doesn’t meet Zmola at the scaffolding.• “Gallows Brothers” quest can now be safely comprehensive even when the participant steals the funds in Talmberg.• Hidden areas in the monastery the place participant may entry his horse inventory removed.• NPCs should still not sink into terrain on collision in Rattay.• it is now at all times viable to knock on the bathtub condo door in the “subsequent to Godliness ” quest.• Saving the video game whereas carrying a corpse now not makes NPCs see the corpse even after the player cuts it.• Fritz and Matthew aren’t any longer apprehensive by corpses right through “A Rock and a tough vicinity” quest.• Any successful transaction now just a little raises acceptance with merchants in keeping with the transaction volume – best as much as seventy five recognition.• Ambushers now raise torches at evening.• The participant is now officially allowed to hunt within the wooded area after being named grasp Huntsman.• The likelihood of ambush with the aid of just one greater opponent is now a good deal larger.• It is no longer feasible to kill your opponents in “Chumps” minigame with out triggering crime.• There should still be extra chatter dialogues between NPCs concerning the deeds the player did.• And 200 different bugs fixed.