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Best Eco-friendly Air Conditioners in India

Summer is just around the corner.

The Global warming is playing its role in accelerating the onset of summer.

This means that the air conditioners will start functioning soon in every house.

This is the right time to upgrade to a better AC and install the latest ones available in the market.

Since, we have mentioned about global warming, we should be seeing to it that we do not contribute towards global warming in any way.

The best way to do so is to go for the best eco-friendly air conditioners in the market.

We shall look at some of the top eco-friendly AC models before going on to discuss the technology involved in the functioning of these AC machines.

Table of Contents

  • ECO Friendly Refrigerants
  • Best ECO Friendly Air Conditioners
    • Godrej NXW Inverter Split AC
    • Daikin JTKM Series Air Conditioners
    • Daikin DTF Series AC
  • Final Words – Wrapping it up

ECO Friendly Refrigerants

RefrigerantGlobal Warming PoetentialOzone Depletion PotentialR 221810MediumR 410A2088NilR 32675NilR 134A1430NilR 2903NilR 600A3Nil

When it comes to buying ACs, one should look at the environmentally friendly features of the AC.

This is because we have an unwritten obligation to safeguard the environment. One can do so by using and promoting environmentally friendly products.

The use of the refrigerant R-32, R 290  and R 600A in air conditioning and is one such step towards protecting the environment from global warming. Hydrocarbons like R 290 and R 600A are the most eco friednly Refrigerants and are even better than R 32. The Global Warming potential of R 290 is 3 and R 600A is 3 and they have no impact on the Ozone layer.

The R-32 refrigerant has a Global Warming Potential (GWP) level that is one-third that of the R-22 and R-410A refrigerants.

R-32 also ensures efficient conveyance of heat. Hence, it can reduce electricity consumption by a minimum of 10% as compared to the air conditioners using R-22 refrigerant.

Hence, this is one of the most eco-friendly refrigerant.

At present, the R-410A refrigerant is the most common refrigerant in use all over the world. Daikin is the first company to manufacture and use R-32 refrigerant in its brand of AC units.

Best ECO Friendly Air Conditioners

Godrej NXW Inverter Split AC

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Godrej Manufactures some of the finest Inverter Air Conditioners in India. The Godrej NXW series AC’s use R 290 Refrigerant.

As I mentioned earlier, the R 290 is the environment friendly refrigerant, also better than R 32.

The NXW Inverter Air Conditioner has excellent ISEER Ratings and also provide Gold Nano Coating (Anti-rust coating) Also, there are Dust and Anti-Bacterial filters.

Daikin JTKM Series Air Conditioners

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The JTKM series of air conditioners come in three variants depending on the tonnage. They are as follows.

  • JTKM35SRV 16 – 3.5 KW (1 Ton)
  • JTKM50SRV 16 – 5.0 KW (1.5 Ton)
  • JTKM60SRV 16 – 6.0 KW (1.8 Ton)

This is one of the most eco-friendly air conditioning systems in the world. In fact, you can say that these AC units give a salubrious experience of the highest order. The pollution levels are at the least thereby providing the maximum comfort to the consumer.

Let us look at the salient features of the JTKM Series of air conditionersR-32 Refrigerant

The refrigerant is the heart of the air conditioning machine. Every Daikin product uses the R-32 refrigerant. What is so special about this refrigerant? This refrigerant is famous for its environmental-friendly properties.

Compared to other categories of refrigerants, the R-32 has one-third global warming potential. This refrigerant does not deplete the ozone levels in the atmosphere while emitting 75% less carbon dioxide. It is easily recyclable because of the fact that it is a single component refrigerant. These environmentally friendly features make R-32 the most balanced of all refrigerants.

The best part of it all is that Daikin is the only manufacturer that develops both refrigerants and air conditioners. This is the first company in the world to use R-32 refrigerants for its air conditioners. R-32 is the most eco-friendly refrigerant today.Coanda AirflowIntelligent EyeSteamer discharge TechnologyInverter technologyPower ChillQuiet operation

In addition to being the most eco-friendly AC, this series employs the latest inverter technology. The use of the inverter technology entails that the compressor does not switch off or on. The temperature difference is adjusted by the change in the speed of the compressor motor. This technology saves you considerable amount of power thereby cutting your energy bills.

Daikin DTF Series AC

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Similar to the JTKM series, there are three variants depending on the tonnage. They are DTF35SRV 161, DTF50SRV 162, and DTF60SRV 162 with tonnage equal to 1, 1.5, and 1.8 respectively.

Let us look at the salient features of the DTF series of air conditioners.

This series also uses the R-32 refrigerant. Hence, this is one of the best eco-friendly AC units available in the market. Other than the fact that this series uses R-32, these are the salient features of the DTF series.24-Hour On-Off timerEcono ModeGood Sleep off TimerPower ChillPower-Airflow Dual FlapsProgramme Dry FunctionSelf-DiagnosisSmell Proof operation

This is a unique operation that flattens out during the cooling operation to ensure that cool air flows to all corners of the room. The flaps come into action by directing warm air down to the floor during the heating operation. Hence, this has a double effect.

These are some of the salient features of the DTF series. It surely ranks as one of the best eco-friendly AC in India.Update: Now, Other companies like Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Panasonic, Toshiba, Sharp and Fujitsu General are also using R32 Refrigerants in their Latest Air Conditioners.

Final Words – Wrapping it up

Daikin AC units are famous for being eco-friendly principally because they use R-32 refrigerant for cooling purposes.

This refrigerant does not deplete the ozone layer and reduces carbon dioxide emission.

In addition, these AC units save you considerable power through the use of inverter technology. Daikin AC units are renowned for their silent operation.

These units ensure high quality of the air inside the room by eliminating harmful viruses, bacteria, and allergens. Hence, asthma patients get a lot of comfort when they use Daikin equipment in comparison to the other air conditioning units. While choosing any AC unit, one should be very particular of the following factors. The AC unit should be able to reduce your power consumption bills. At the same time, they should reduce the greenhouse emissions and be environmentally friendly.

If you are looking for a green air conditioner, you should not hesitate to finalize the Godrej NXW Series, Daikin AC units. This AC buying guide should make your objective of buying eco-friendly AC units easy.

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