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Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner in India (2019) Carpets, Pet Hair, Wood Floor!

It is hard to keep a house clean, only if you have to do it yourself. But what if I tell you that you can employ a robot for help.

In the age of the smart device, why not make robot take over the tedious chore of cleaning your home. Whether its a ceramic floor or a carpet rug that you need to look impeccable, you have a robot who does it all.

And if you want to come to a clean home just instruct your robot via a mobile command and yes he will get things done for you. A robotic vacuum cleaner or a robovac is a smart device and a limited vacuum cleaning device that does the cleaning operations (Carpets, Hardwood Floor, Pet Hair) autonomously without human control.

It can be also used for mopping and sterilization purposes alongside vacuuming.

Table of Contents

  • Robot Vaccum Cleaner – Buying Guide
  • Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in India
    • 1. iRobot 900 Series Roomba 960 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
    • 2. iRobot 900 Series Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaning Robot
    • 3. Automatic Programmable Robot Vacuum Cleaner PureClean
    • Preparing the room and the device
    • How to Use Robot Vaccum Cleaner
    • Robovac Maintenance
    • Final Words – Wrapping it up

Robot Vaccum Cleaner – Buying Guide

Now that you are aware of what a robot vacuum cleaner, let us see what things you need to consider before getting yourself this swanky gadget.


You would like to narrow down your choices so that it does not burn a hole in your pocket at the same time fits into your lifestyle and cleaning needs.

There are quite a few choices available which cost close to your average vacuum cleaner but provide all key benefits. The more premium ones still cost high. Go for a credible brand that gets the job done.

Battery Life

Most of these devices come with a battery dock, so as and when the robot needs a charge it goes back to the dock to get the juice back.

The only problem here is that charging takes quite some time so for every one hour of cleaning it may take about 3 hours to charge.

If you are someone who likes to get things done in one go look for a device with a long battery life. If you are someone who does not care about specifics then you don’t need to worry much.

Scheduled Cleaning

Although most standard models come with a scheduling function, some models don’t.

With a scheduler, you can set specific time during the week, at the scheduled hour the machine will rise and start cleaning automatically. You don’t even need to be around.

Again if you are someone who does not mind manually starting it you don’t need the feature. But if you have a robot cleaning your house chances are you would like this nifty feature.

Newer models come with wifi capability so that you can schedule cleanings through your phone anytime, anywhere. It also notifies you when the cleanings are done and whether it got stuck somewhere.

Can it move around rooms

Even some premium models may not have this feature. Companies generally come with two models one that can navigate through rooms and other which can not.

If you decide to buy one that does not navigate through rooms, just remember you would have to manually place it every new space that you want to be cleaned.

Another feature to look for is boundary makers or barriers so that you can stop the robots getting into places you don’t want it to wander into. (Like kids room)

Noise it makes

These robot cleaners are still not as efficient as humans, so it takes almost thrice as much time as a human does. If you are going to stay indoors when the cleaning is in progress I suggest you get a quiet one.

If the cleaning takes place when you are away, you may get away with louder ones which are often cheaper and lot more powerful.


One benefit you get in a robot cleaner is that it can get into nook and crannies under your sofa or some far corners where you cant generally reach.

Take a good look at your space and if you want a device that can clean corners don’t go for the bulky ones as they find it hard to move around and often get stuck.

Also, you are going to see a lot of your cleaner so find one that matches your styling and is decent and elegant to look at.


Though generally reliable, like any electronic device your cleaner may need maintenance. A trusted brand with established support services goes a long way in such situations. Make sure that you can find the replacement for parts easily, as brushes and filters may need replacement from time to time.

Cleaning tools

Your robot vacuum cleaner must be more than just a simple vacuum cleaner, they should not just provide suction but should also be able to dislodge waste that suction cant.

Brushes help in thorough cleaning, these brushes are quite powerful and even clean stuff barely perceptible to our eyes. Also, keep in mind that your cleaner has a great filter.

It is the filter that traps all the dirt and debris. If you have a pet at home or you are allergic to dust, you may prefer HEPA filters, normal filters do a great job otherwise. Some cleaners also come with moppers, so that you get a shiny finish.

Size of the Bin

Your robot will clean your house for you, but you need to remember that you would need to clean your robot. Always consider the size of the bin, so that you don’t need to clean it all the time.

Now that we know what to look for in your cleaner, lets set the expectations right your cleaner can not clean stairs or places above the floor, It is a floor cleaner and cannot be used to clean sofas, beds or curtains.

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